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Management Resources Centre (MRC)

 Providing Solutions to Emerging Corporate and Organisational Challenges


Management Resources Centre is established to support business Organisations to realize their fullest potentials and maximize profits in today’s turbulent business environment. The Centre aims at reaching out to the corporate world and support organizations through consultancy, research, training for capacity building, executive coaching, and influencing human resource through motivational talks on leadership, commitment, corporate governance, ethical accounting and visionary management, among others.  

Management Resources Centre has a reservoir of highly qualified and experienced professionals in areas of Accountancy, Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Human Resource Management and, Marketing. These professionals are capable of attaining the set objectives for economic development of business organizations.   



Target Audience

Managers and Leaders at all levels (from CEO to supervisors).


  • To help organisations develop HR skills and capabilities for measurable successful performance.
  • To facilitate formulation of strategic directions/strategic plans for corporations.
  • To assess organizations’ readiness for technological and infrastructural changes.
  • To facilitate change of corporate cultures



Target Audience

Senior and Executive Managers.


  • To conduct an independent/objective research on behalf of management on pertinent corporate issues and/or management questions for objective strategic decision(s) making.
  • To support management through research and hence help them avoid ad-hoc solutions for corporate problems.


Target Audience

Project Managers, Quality Assurance Managers, Evaluators, and Supervisors.


  • To deliver project goals on time and within budget.
  • To unveil fundamental ideas, principles, theories about financial management and skills and their applications in different work scenarios.
  • To equip corporate leaders with innovative techniques of managing learning Organisations.
  • To support organizations in writing business plans and project proposals for raising of capital and grants.

Target Audience

Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, Managers and leaders searching for investments and business ideas.


  • To assist management executives in ensuring that tasks are tackled efficiently.
  • To introduce potential entrepreneurs to steps of discovering ideal businesses/investments.
  • To help managers interpret financial statements.
  • To assist management improve communication within ranks.


Target Audience

Managers of both Business Corporations and NGOs.


  • To motivate Organisation members through talks on visionary leadership.
  • To engage participants to intrinsic understanding of visions in relation to leadership
  • To assess what leaders with visions really do, and explore power dynamics in organisations. Emphasis is on the leader as the master and servant of power
  • To support managers in recruitment, appraisal, human resource planning, and workforce performance measures.


Target Audience

Members of the board of directors and senior management staff entrusted with the job of making corporate decisions.


  • To assist corporations with the work of assessing the internal and external environments of business for organizational change and development.

  • To help organizations formulate proper systems of customer care for development.

  • To help management align their aspirations with specific corporate goals.



The environmental challenges faced by the world and Malawi in particular cannot be overemphasized. This has been underscored in LAUDATO SI, the encyclical letter: “On care for our common home”.

In LAUDATO SI, Pope Francis appeals for a new dialogue about how we should shape the future of our planet. We need a conversation which should include everyone, since the environmental challenge we are facing, and its human roots, concern and affect us all. It is against this background that The Catholic University of Malawi established the Centre for Environmental Affairs to act as a vehicle to drive this dialogue.


To contribute to the sustainable development of the nation through consultancy, research, advocacy, capacity building, networking and partnership, knowledge management and outreach programmes.


To be the University’s centre for quality and holistic environmental and natural resources management for the good of the people of Malawi and beyond.


To support the path towards actions to address climate change/climate variability/adaptation actions and to contribute to sustainable development of the nation.


CEA’s work will be guided by the following principles

  1. CEA’s work will respond to the demands and needs of individuals and communities in the area of environmental and natural resources management.
  2. CEA’s principle concern will be for all environment and natural resources stakeholders.


CEA expects its staff, volunteers and partners to uphold the following values in all their work:

  1. To be committed to the vision and mission;
  2. To act with integrity and professionalism;
  3. To be accountable and transparent; and
  4. To take responsibility for quality.


Products and service

Intended outcome

Target audience

Outreach programmes

  • Conducting campaigns in environmental conservation
  • Mobilizing local communities in afforestation/reforestation activities
  • Assist Water User Associations in the management of their water supply points and water governance
  • Advocating climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Promoting environmental rights, ethics, policy and law
  • Enhancing sustainable urban and rural development
  • Environmental hazards and disaster risk management
  • Mainstreaming gender, human rights, HIV and AIDS in environmental and natural resources management
  • Promoting utilization of renewable and clean energy

Local communities; Water User Associations


  • Conduct Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Undertaking spatial analysis using GIS and RS techniques
  • Respond to calls for consultancy assignments advertised in the media in areas of environmental and natural resources management.

City, districts and town councils; environmental management stakeholders


  • Assisting councils in the clean-up of selected river courses
  • Advising councils and other stakeholders in solid waste management programmes,
  • Resolving water treatment problems at the water boards’ treatment plants
  • Resolving water quality problems in the water boards’ raw water sources
  • Assisting in resolving wastewater treatment problems at municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants in the country

Various stakeholders.


  • Undertaking scientific research in the field of environment and natural resources

Various stakeholders

Capacity building

  • Facilitate training in environmental studies and natural resources management in communities, schools, colleges and other institutions

Environment and natural resources stakeholders

Knowledge management

  • Act as an Information Service Centre in Environmental and Natural Resources Management.

Environment and natural resources stakeholders

Partnerships and networking

  • Promote networking including North-South and South-South links.
  • Enhance partnership with other organisations in environmental and natural resources management.

Scholars and professionals


  • Lobby for legislation and registration for climate change justice at all levels.

All key stakeholders


The Director

Centre for Environmental Affairs

Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

The Catholic University of Malawi

P.O. Box 5452


Telephone: +265 (0) 888 878055


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