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Affairs to undertake ESIA

The Centre for Environmental Affairs has been contracted to carry out Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) at three health post construction sites in the catchment area of Mulanje Mission Hospital. The aim of this ESIA is to draw up a framework to ensure that environmental and social impacts of planned projects on the sites are identified and measures to address them outlined. The ESIA shall be prepared to guide decision makers on projects based on understanding of its environmental and social consequences to facilitate the protection, restoration and enhancement of the environment.

CUNIMA and CHANCO battled it out in Social Sciences Debate

Students from the Catholic University of Malawi (CUNIMA) and Chancellor College (CHANCO) Faculty of Social Sciences held a debate on 24th April, 2018. The debate which was held at the Catholic University of Malawi at St. Montfort campus in Nguludi-Chiradzulu, was sponsored by European Union (EU). Facilitating and judging the deliberations were representatives from Economics Association of Malawi.

The topic of the debate was "Whether Malawi is on its way to economic prosperity, job creation, and poverty reduction." CUNIMA social sciences students were in the support of the motion that the country is making progress. Justifying their stand, CUNIMA Social Sciences students underscored the growth in the gross-domestic-product (GDP) from 2.5 % in 2016 to recent 4% as economic prosperity indicator. They also observed that after six years of double-digit inflation, the rate has gone down to single digit (7.8% in February 2018) and that the Kwacha has remained stable since August 2016 (MWK730 to US$1). 

Chancellor College students, on the other hand, were for the motion that Malawi is not on the right track to attain economic prosperity. They stated that the country is vulnerable to external shocks such as weather that delays development. They also indicated that shortage of energy still stands out with about 10% of the population having access to electricity. In addition,  infrastructure development, the manufacturing base, and adoption of technology are low. They argued that the corruption levels are worsening with Transparency International ranking Malawi at 120/175 economies in 2017 compared to 112 in 2016, an indication that the economic development of the country is moving backward.

Gracing the function was the Ambassador of the EU Delegation to Malawi, Marchel Gerrmann. In his remarks, ambassador Gerrmann said EU is committed to promoting youth participation in economic development programmes hence sponsoring the debate. He said rapidly growing youth population of Malawi needs education and skills which will allow them to make a decent living for themselves and their families. Therefore platforms like debates allow the youth to participate in formulating strategies that are inclusive of the youth in the bid to attain economic prosperity. 

The debate ended in a tie and both teams were awarded trophies.

CUNIMA 2018 Chancellor's Trophy begins