cunima commemorates International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

The Director of the Catholic University of Malawi (Cunima) Center for Governance and Diplomatic Studies Associate Professor Nandin Patel says racism continues to cause suffering of millions of people worldwide.


Centre for Governance and Diplomatic Studies

Latest news - February 14, 2013 15:13

cunima held a panel discusion under the theme 'One Malawi One People'

Nandin Patel - Associate Professor

The objective of the centre is to provide training in diplomacy for aspiring as well as in - service diplomats.

The focus of such training will be on diplomatic norms and procudures as well as to underlying issues in international politics and international organisations. The need for this quite obvious as well are living in an increasingly interdependently world.

We feel it is imperative for a university to provide such service and currently there is not much that is being offered inthis area. Suggestions came forward to say such a centre should also be a forum for deliberating issues of governance at different levels from time to time.

We know this is going to be quite heavy and demanding task but with time there will be sharing of responsibilities with other centres and departments both within and institutions outside the university.



Cunima celebrates ant-racial Discrimination Day

The Catholic University of Malawi (cunima) on Wednesday 23rd March 2012, held a panel discussion on racial discrimination as part of the commemorational of the International Day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination.