Career Opportunities

a) Teaching Career
I. Lectures (in Universities)
II. Tutors (in Colleges)
III. Teachers (in Secondary Schools)

b) Pro – Poor Non Governmental Organizations
I. Christian NGOs
II. Human Rights Group



Bachelor of Arts in Education

Majoring in Biblical & Religious Studies

Head of Department Mr: Mbawa

Despite the Church’s involvement in education in Malawi for so many years there has been an acute shortage of properly trained and qualified Bible Knowledge and Religious and Moral Education teachers at all academic levels i.e. at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

Religious institutions that used to compensate for this shortfall do not have adequate personnel to carry on. To a larger extent this has been so because most secondary school teachers trained in Malawi attended secular universities who have no preparation in Biblical and Religious Studies course.

It is with this background that the catholic University of Malawi wishes to produce adequate and professionally qualified Bible Knowledge and Religious Moral Education teachers for Secondary Schools and Colleges.

The following are some of the many careers opportunities the society holds for the graduates in this program:

Career Opportunities
c) Administrators
I. World Council of Churches’ projects
d) Environmentalist
e) Counselors
f) Research in Religious issues